• VCs and Blockchain EdTech

  • What We Do

    Mission Critical: Always an Eye on the Exit

    Prudence & Planning Before Action

    Thoughtful steps lead to intentional success.

    We help companies bootstrap their blockchain successes and swiftly scale with our in-house CTO, technical founders, to help founders build their project to scale swiftly.

    Thriving Amid the Turmoil

    Instability Introduces Opportunity.

    Keenly aware, through years of experience, of the swirling winds of change characteristic of the crypto space, our leadership embraces aggressive steps to be the first to market and encourage projects to introduce innovative use cases. The pattern of being first to market has historically translated favorably into blockchain tech, and the growth of DAO, DeFi, and NFT projects are in keeping with this pattern.

    Trumpeting Triumphs with Innovative Social Media Strategies

    Innovate. Then Let People Know.

    You may have the most spellbinding blockchain project to have been deployed, but if no one uses it you're sunk. Don't let you competition absorb your potential customers, and all of the revenue they are siphoning off, the residue of their nimble marketing efforts. Build that repetition of brand awareness and employ time-tested strategies that cement your company's identity into the mind of your customers.

  • Sponsoring Technical Interviews with Industry Visionaries


    A rising tide lifts all shifts. Encouraging the ecosystem be seen in a professional, well-regarded, and positive light reflects positively on all blockchain projects. An appreciation for the power of blockchain tech starts with a basic technical understanding and builds as users grow their interest level, organically. Forcing the issue rarely sprouts the genuine curiosity that buds into something all encompassing. As blockchain devs, we have a responsibility to help others share our passion for the ecosystem.

  • Long-Form Podcast, Short Form Video

    Discussions of Accelerator Projects in a User's Preferred Format

  • Advisor Projects for Altcoin Accelerator

    We're currently offering technical advice on these projects:


    NFTsDAO.com, @NFTsDAO

    Helping artists meet and exceed their their NFT launch ambitions with technical hand-holding and action steps based on success case studies.


    DivVC.com, @rekt

    A leveraged token platform that allows users to go short or long 3x on a particular cryptocurrency, helping them more easily achieve their funds trading objectives.

    xDAI DAO

    xDAIDAO.com, @xDAIDAO

    A community token, of the r/xDAI subreddit, that seeks to introduce innovative FinTech solutions to the xDAI ecosystem. xDAI is an Ethereum Virtual Machine "EVM" Layer-2 solution, designed to lower smart contract deployment costs.